Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gearing up for spring on Manchaug Pond!

If you have had enough of ice fishing, snowmobiling, and other winter sports, or have spent the winter just looking out the window longing for summer, take heart! 

The snow and ice are melting fast in and around Manchaug Pond and the Manchaug Pond Foundation has been working all winter on a whole calendar of fun and worthwhile events and projects to involve you and benefit you, the lake, the watershed, and the greater community!

Let's take a look at a few for April:
  • Spring issue of SPLASH! our colorful, print newsletter with 8 pages of info is at the printer!  Get on the mailing list by hitting our PayPal donation button for any amount or send a donation to MPF, P.O. Box 154, Manchaug, MA  01526.  Special thanks to our Newsletter Committee: Alice our Editor, and committee members, writers and photographers Andy, Dave, George, Karen, Marty Jo, Wendy, Phyllis, Russ and Paul, Bill L.  Want to join the committee?
  • BIG SPRING RAFFLE tickets on sale now!  Get your ticket today with only 100 chances to win a $6,600 Home Theater, the 55" Bose VideoWave III with delivery, setup and installation  OR the CA$H prize of $4,000! Tickets price is $100 and directly benefit Manchaug Pond.  Special thanks to our FUNdrai$ing Committee: Karen our chair, George "Gig" our raffle, and members Andy, Paula, Ted, Mike, Dave, and Phyllis.  There's a seat and a coffee for you at their meetings!
  •  Opportunities for YOU TO GET More INVOLVED: 
    •  Learn how to take a water sample and do site evaluation once a month as part of a larger river system water quality effort.
    • Give a morning of your time on Saturday, April 26 for our Spring Cleanup of Ramp, Roadsides and Shoreline: 9 AM to Noon, State Boat Ramp, Torrey Road, Sutton.  Start with coffee and donuts, work with neighbors and friends, and end the morning with the satisfaction of a job well done!  Rake, pick up paper, boat the shoreline... it's better than a morning at the gym!
    • Join a committee or team!  Bring your ideas to help plan the Boat Decorating Contest; develop a learning lake resource "toolbox" for kids of ages; take photos or write for the newsletter; share your time and expertise with us!  We have a place for you just tell us your interest!
    • "LIKE" us on facebook @ Manchaug Pond Foundation and post with Manchaug Pond.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


With the large amount of ice still covering the pond,  the low-level gate of the dam has been opened. Rain and snow are in the forecast.  Wind and ice can cause significant damage to docks and walls.

The dam is monitored daily.  Please check back for updates.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


With watershed runoff from snowmelt and rainfall, the lake waterlevel continues to rise. Low level gate has been adjusted to fill the reservoir!

Questions? Concerns? Ask them here with the MPF. (mid-March, 2014)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

YOU Can Name MPF to Telegram Outreach for Charities Program

You can help Manchaug Pond through a new program of the Telegram & Gazette.  Subscribers can name the Manchaug Pond Foundation to benefit from the new TOUCH (Telegram Outreach for Charities) program.

When you receive your TOUCH letter and voucher, just fill in Manchaug Pond Foundation,  P.O. Box 154, Manchaug, 01526, and return in the provided pre-paid envelope.

There is no cost to you,  and the benefits to Manchaug Pond will grow with each Telegram subscriber participating.  Boston Globe Media's Linda Pizzuti Henry tells us that Manchaug Pond Foundation will receive free advertising space to help "raise awareness around their mission, recruit more volunteers, advertise events, and create a better Worcester County community for all of us."

Go Manchaug Pond Foundation!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today's Millbury-Sutton Chronicle Article on MPF

Manchaug Pond Foundation announces water improvement plans


MPF Photo/R. L. Charpentier
MPF Photo/R. L. Charpentier
The Manchaug Pond Foundation (MPF) is going “full speed ahead with their next major initiative”, according to a press release from the organization which will be to complete a “s.319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant recently awarded to the nonprofit group by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.”

MPF completed a similar grant in 2011, which is designed to help improve the quality of water entering the pond. The MPF said they will work with Comprehensive Environmental Inc. (CEI), a Massachusetts based environmental engineering firm who will design the stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs), and the Town of Sutton “who will construct it with their generous in-kind commitment” according to the press release.

A real estate acquisition to preserve the 100-acre Beaton Farm Property was completed after they were given a right of first refusal after a group from the College of the Holy Cross last year presented plans to purchase the parcel and build a retreat center on the property.

The MPF release also said they would be working with Whittier Farms on “a number of agricultural related improvements. With over 500 acres of farmland within the Manchaug Pond watershed, the Whittier Family has committed many hours of volunteer labor to help make some unique watershed improvements for educational outreach including modifications to several areas which will include the addition of a dedicated rain garden area at the Milk Store and restoration of vegetated areas around ponds feeding into Manchaug Pond.”

The MPF will “simultaneously be working on a major education effort. Coordinating with local educators and stakeholders, the MPF will work to develop a comprehensive resource of materials for teachers, parents and children that may include web resources, study kits, and portable literature displays.”

MPF said it is also looking for people who may be interested in helping with this grant. Those who are can contact Marty Jo Henry at

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Worcester Telegram article tells of grant secured by MPF

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Manchaug Pond Foundation in Sutton receives EPA grant to protect watershed

SUTTON — Residents around the 380-acre Manchaug Pond bordering Sutton and Douglas are moving forward with plans to restore the lake's water quality with the help of a water protection grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state Department of Environmental Protection.

The nonprofit Manchaug Pond Foundation announced recently it had received a "Section 319" nonpoint source pollution grant totaling $208,525, according to Vice President Marty Jo Henry. The grant includes nearly $120,000 from federal funds, and the remaining roughly $89,000 reflects volunteer time contributed by the foundation.

Ms. Henry said the grant will fund projects to filter the nitrogen, phosphorus and "total suspended solids," a term for the microscopic flotsam and jetsam from the roads, including bits of tire rubber, that muck up the water.

"All of that, especially after a big rainfall, ends up getting flushed right into the lake," Ms. Henry said. "This will end up capturing and filtering it."

Specifically, the money will go to planting rain gardens and restoring vegetation on public and private property at five sites around the pond to better filter and absorb runoff, and improving storm drains so stormwater will flow from roads to appropriate collection and outflow sites.

In addition, the group is working with Whittier Farms, which sits along tributaries to Manchaug Pond, to plant blueberry bushes and revegetate a buffer zone to catch runoff. The Whittier family will create a rain garden to catch runoff from the roof of its milk store. Ms. Henry said the Whittier rain garden will serve to educate the public about water protection.

The Manchaug Pond Foundation will also conduct public outreach and distribute educational materials about restricting fertilizer use. Phosphorus from fertilizer and animal waste contributes to excessive plant and algae growth in freshwater ponds, which reduces oxygen for other aquatic life and can lead to murky "dead zones." Nitrogen from fertilizer, septic systems and other sources does the same as it flows into saltwater.

Ms. Henry said that the foundation plans to develop a watershed protection toolkit with educational resources for all ages. The group intends to post the material on its website so it will be available after the three-year grant expires.

Engineering plans for the work have been largely completed, and the foundation is obtaining Conservation Commission permits to begin the ground projects in spring.

Anyone interested in helping the Manchaug Pond Foundation with the grant is encouraged to contact Ms. Henry at">

Contact Susan Spencer at Follow her on Twitter @SusanSpencerTG.


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